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Seattle Child Support Paralegal Services can help you prepare your documents and case to modify or obtain an order We can prepare discovery, analyze discovery answers, and prepare child support trial by affidavit documents. If your case is referred to arbitration, Seattle we can help you prepare a prehearing statement of proof. From beginning to end, we will meet your child support document and procedural needs.

Child Support Paralegal Services for Divorce. We will help prepare your motion for temporary child support as well as all the supporting documents along with your petition for dissolution of marriage.

Modification of Child Support Document Preparation. Seattle Paralegal Services can prepare all of the necessary documents for child support modification. Seattle Paralegal Services can prepare child support modification documents for married divorcing parents, unmarried parents, or nonparents. Seattle Paralegal Services can prepare your petition for child support modification and all other supporting documents. If discovery is needed, Seattle Paralegal Services can assist with that too.

Prehearing Statement of Proof and Trial by Affidavit. Snohomish County has a mandatory arbitration rule when modifying child support. King County on the other hand has a trial by affidavit only when you modify child support there. Seattle Paralegal Services can help you through both of these procedures.

 A lead recently with a child support issue, four kids, lead earns $90,000 per year, paying over $2,200 per month in child support. This lead became a client of Seattle Paralegal Services. This client's ex-wife had not worked since the divorce, which was nearly nine years ago, and she wished to have her income imputed at $2,714 per month. After discovery and some analyzing of the fruits of that discovery, there was a lot to be known that just did not add up. Put simply, she enjoyed quite the lifestyle. I put my best effort forward for Seattle Paralegal Services of course, and the client came out quite well. Support was reduced to $600 per month, with the ex-wife owing my client over $15,000 in overpaid child support. The overpaid child support was to be paid back to my client in the form of a setoff, which is when the $600 payment each month was due, it was deducted from the overpayment, reducing the $15,000 by $600. Essentially, my client's child support was cut from $2,2000 per month all the way to zero for the next two plus years. I would call this a big win for Seattle Paralegal Services. So goes the trial by affidavit in King County Superior Court, where you win or lose with the keyboard.

In contrast, there another lead that became a client. Again, a big win for our client, but on the other side of the coin so to say. The client had one child and was seeking secondary educational support for her child, she made about $30,000 per year, her ex-husband made roughly $135,000 per year, even though he and his attorney really tried hard to make it look like less. Seattle Paralegal Services initiated no discovery, but the ex-husband's attorney did. Discovery netted him nothing but what had already been disclosed. But that gave our client just enough for Seattle Paralegal Services to do damage. End result, client got $1,300 per month with the father paying for pretty much all of college costs on top of it. Seattle Paralegal Services also got our client the tax dependent every year.

Seattle Paralegal Services' third example of the performance of Seattle Paralegal Services in a trial by affidavit in the King County Superior Court in Seattle is another secondary child support issue. This client hired Seattle Paralegal Services to stop the opposing side form getting college support. The other side had not worked since the divorce four years ago, and she filed for a petition to modify the parenting plan, seeking to increase support on the one child and get college support for the other child. Seattle Paralegal Services through discovery showed that the other sides household expenses did not make sense, spending more than she claimed to have available. Part of this was proved through a Costco printout to prove that she actually spent a certain amount of food. This is what Seattle Paralegal Services calls the trap, they try to defend one position and supply the answers to an unrelated issue that you were seeking. In short, her room mates and live in boyfriend were not disclosed until trying to prove other facts she stated. The Costco printouts proved another thing though, if you spent it, you had it. Bingo-her money expended greatly exceeded her claimed imputed income. Petition got her nothing for college or for the younger child, in fact, support was cut in half because the college age child was no longer eligible for child support.

Seattle Paralegal Services can assist with any type of child support issue, regardless of whether the parents are married or never been married to one another.

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