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Seattle Divorce Paralegal Services can help you with more than simply your family law forms-Seattle Paralegal Services can help with your case. Two of the first things you will be asked when you call us about having divorce documents prepared is whether the divorce is agreed or not agreed, and whether the parties do or do not have children.

There are two reasons we asked if a divorce is agreed or not and if there are children or not is because the answers to those questions effects the time involved to complete the divorce documents and how those documents are prepared. The documents for an agreed divorce are prepared differently than those of a not agreed divorce. Divorces with children have a lot of additional work involved on the custody and child support issues. There is also the other factor of whether there will be spousal support, consuming more time.

Agreed Divorce Documents Prepared

When documents are prepared for an agreed divorce, they are drafted with the pretense that the other party will sign all the documents in agreement with the terms of those documents. If the other party won't sign the divorce documents, the divorce is considered not agreed.

Not Agreed Divorce Documents Prepared

When the other party is not in agreement on the terms of the divorce (child support, asset and debt division, spousal support, custody), the divorce documents are prepared assuming this. The other party will then be served the documents by a process server. Most times when children or spousal support are involved, motions for temporary orders are also needed. Again, more time consumed to prepare the documents, hence more cost.

Divorce With Children

Divorces with children require many more documents than divorces without children. You have issues such as child support, parenting plan, and custody that need to be worked out. We can help you navigate the parenting plan and child support issues as well as those of asset and debt distribution.

Divorce Without Children

When preparing divorces without children, it is generally less expensive but spousal support can change that. The extra documents and time spent preparing the case for a divorce that involves spousal support is much like the child support issue, and at times a more complex. When it comes to property and debt allocation, the children are no longer part of that consideration. However, that does not mean that spousal support is not. Like child support, spousal can be a major part of consideration when it comes to deciding who pays what debt and gets which assets. Divorces without children are much less stressful. Regarless, let us help guide you down the least stressful path.

Regardless of your divorce case circumstances, we can help reduce the stress of divorce and improve the outcome.

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