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Seattle Visitation Paralegal Services can help you get or modify your visitation with children. If you already have a parenting plan and are seeking to change or modify it, our service prepares all of the documents for modification. Parenting time that is lacking can be remedied with help to prepare all the documents correctly.

Visitation can be changed by initiating a petition to change the order. Seattle paralegal services can prepare all of the forms that are required for a modification as well as a motion for a temporary order if desired.

A paralegal has the experience with parenting plans that will help you get your documents prepared correctly and navigate the procedures.

Seattle Paralegal document services for North Seattle, Shoreline, and Edmonds as well as all of Washington. Being in Seattle is not necessary to use our services. There are many different reasons that matter to the court and many that don't when it comes to changing parenting plans. Seattle visitation paralegal services provides you the opportunity to communicate effectively to the court what they need to hear and what it is that you want.

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Seattle Paralegal Services: 206-578-9493

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